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Creating a WOW! Experience

Sometimes our patients are surprised at what a great experience they have while at Community Hospital Anderson. We're not. It's our job to provide excellent care, in the most caring manner. It's what we call our WOW! experience.

We always share the many letters and compliments internally, but we thought it was time to spread the word. If you have a WOW! experience you'd like to share, please click here.

Read what others have to say:

"Over the course of several months my step-mother has had multiple inpatient stays and emergency department visits the care has always been very good. In March, her condition deteriorated to the point in which we knew the end was near. She was transferred from her nursing home to your emergency department. Upon arrival, she was hemorrhaging severely and your team immediately sprung into action. At the point that I saw her, I knew death was inevitable. I spoke with Dr. Liz MacDonell, who was absolutely amazing. We collaborated with my dad and determined that we would not resuscitate her. Immediately, without questioning our choice, Dr. MacDonnell said, “Well, then, we need to pray right now”, and she proceeded to pray for all of us. Her supporting cast was Nancy Saulmon RN, Steve Delwey, paramedic, and Robert Washington, tech. They all demonstrated the compassion and caring that makes us all proud to be health caregivers." Read more

"The compassion and professionalism extended to our entire family by your team throughout the week was evident from the beginning. While attending to our mother's comfort the team would constantly check with all stakeholders to see if there was anything we needed. Information about what was going on, or treatment being provided, was always prompt and thorough. Addressing mother by her name, Alice, instead of "honey" or "sweetie" reinforced the compassion for her well-being." Read more

"I wanted you to know what an excellent group of people you have at CHA. When I went to registration, I was warmly greeted and then quickly escorted to the ED while my husband registered me. In the ED I was addressed by name by the staff and they explained everything that was going on and what they would be doing. The staff worked quickly and very professionally. The ED doctor explained that he "was very concerned" and that I was going to be admitted and would see Dr. Jetty. He made sure that all of our questions were answered and assured my husband that it would be fine to leave me overnight. I had tried to tell him that I would be in great hands but I guess he needed to hear it from the doctor." Read more

"This letter is a big heartfelt thank-you to all those involved with our father, Donald Cookman's, well-being since his stroke on Feb. 19. I will touch on some named, but can't remember them all. You know who you are; if you helped, thank you." Read more

"Being in the Quality business for over thirty years has given me a unique perspective to spot quality of service. And I wanted you to know that while in your hospital I received, what I consider to be, superior care from your team of care specialists." Read more