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Nighat Tahir, M.D., is trained to treat those with many forms of arthritis and related disorders of the joints, muscles and bones. She'll consult frequently with your primary care physician to maximize the effectiveness of treatments and improve your quality of life. We feel better when you feel better!

With advancing technologies and clinical research, rheumatologists all over the world are capable of treating the most chronic of rheumatologic disorders with much better outcomes for patients than even five years ago. Ask your primary care physician if a rheumatologist would be of help to you.

Make an Appointment

Because rheumatology is a sub-specialty, a patient visit requires a referral from your primary care physician, and he or she may want to see you prior to providing that referral. You may direct your primary care physician to this Web site for information regarding making patient referrals to our practice. After your primary care physician has provided our office with the necessary information for your visit, we will schedule your appointment.