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Quality cancer care, close to home

Community Cancer Care offers state-of-the-art cancer services enabling patients in our community to receive the treatment they need, close to home. Patients are treated by staff they quickly come to know and trust, with their personal physician involved in ongoing treatment. As a close team, we strongly encourage family and friends to be present and give support along the way.

We provide treatment for all types of cancer and blood disorders in adults. Care is coordinated with your physicians to determine the best treatment methods, based on your personal needs and the type of cancer you have. If you require surgery, we will be part of the process and provide the follow-up treatment and support you need.

Cancer care team

Our cancer team includes medical oncologists, a radiation oncologist, specialty nurses and others who are experts in delivering chemotherapy, infusion, and radiation therapy services. Together, they are all part of your cancer care team.

Navigators: With you from the start

We strive to help every patient navigate the cancer journey. It starts when you meet your navigator. She is with you from the beginning, making sure all your questions are answered and you get all the information you need to make informed choices about your treatment plan.

Cancer treatment options

In Anderson, we treat all cancer types. The oncologists and staff work closely on a daily basis to deliver personalized cancer treatments and coordinate care with the surgeons and your primary care physician. Some patients travel to us from across the state to receive specialized treatment for prostate and breast cancer.

Learn more about medical oncology/chemotherapy and radiation therapy options.

Imaging services

The Cancer Center staff also works closely with the Community Anderson Hospital Imaging Center to coordinate mammograms and other imaging services for our patients. Know your risk for cancer, family history and symptoms. Ask your physician what cancer screening tests should be part of your annual health physical.


A cancer survivor starts being a survivor the day of the very first treatment. And every day thereafter, our physicians and cancer care staff identify resources that support your recovery. Our Quality of Life (Palliative Care) Committee bridges the patient's needs from hospital care, outpatient treatment, to home care and daily life. This committee includes our social worker, wound care specialists, oncology nurses, radiation nurse and dietitians; each contributes to the patient's total care plan.

Support services

  • Genetic testing and counseling.
  • Counseling for distress provided by psychologist Jodi Nixon, Ph.D.
  • Local American Cancer Society volunteers provide "Look Good, Feel Good" services to our cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation treatment.
  • Smoking is a key risk factor for developing cancer. If you are interested in a Smoking Cessation class at Community Hospital Anderson, call 765-298-1660.
  • Transportation service to and from appointments is available from the Hospital's Med Express as well as American Cancer Society Road to Recovery volunteers.
  • The Comfort Shoppe is a specialty boutique that offers a certified fitter, mastectomy products, headwear and more for breast cancer patients.

Make an appointment

To schedule an appointment at Community Cancer Center Anderson for a new cancer diagnosis or recurring symptoms, please call 765-298-4220.